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Current Jackpot

Over $1753

Queen Of Hearts


1. The Queen of Hearts drawing will be held every Thursday night at 8:00 pm starting March 30, 2023.

2. Tickets are $1 each and there are no limits on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

3. Tickets may only be sold at Na zdravie Winery during our normal business hours and up to 7:30 pm the night of the drawing.

Our normal business hours are:
Wednesday 12-8pm
Thursday 4-10pm, Friday 5-10pm.
Saturday 5-11pm, Sunday 2-7pm.

4. All Tickets MUST have your LEGAL FIRST and LAST NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and the CARD NUMBER you choose.  This must  must be written legibly on the back of the ticket, if not, the ticket will be disqualified. There must be only one name on the ticket, no group names will be permitted.  If the ticket does not have ALL this information, the ticket will be disqualified and another ticket will be pulled. See picture below for an example of a properly completed ticket.


5. No altered tickets will be accepted (bent, torn, folded, crumpled, etc.). these will be disqualified.

6. Once filled out, return the ticket to the bartender, and they will place it in the tumbler.

7. Once a ticket is in the tumbler it will not be removed for any reason.

8.  At 8:00 pm each Thursday, unless otherwise noted, a ticket will be pulled from the tumbler, if valid, the name on the ticket will be stated along with the card number on the ticket. The corresponding number on the Queen of Hearts board will then be revealed. If the card is the Queen of Hearts the winner will receive 60% of the Jackpot. If the winner is deemed to not present after calling their name 3 times, they receive 30% of the Jackpot. The amount remaining will carry over to the next Queen of Hearts game.  If the ticket does not reveal the Queen of Hearts, all tickets will be discarded and a new drawing will occur on the following Thursday.

9.  The Jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated daily and displayed in the Winery.

10. Once a card on the Queen of Hearts board is revealed it is removed from play by showing its face on the board.

11. Drawings will not be held on Holidays (Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, etc) that fall on Thursday.


Na zdravie Winery DOES NOT profit from ticket sales.  ALL cash received from sales is distributed to the winner as allocated above.

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